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Systems Consulting.  Advisory Services.
Re-inventing mobility, transportation and logistics
The convergence of four mega-trends electrification, autonomous driving, connectivity and the shared economy is changing the way we think about mobility, transportation, logistics and smart city robotics.  Although each trends is profoundly disruptive on its own, the combination of all four is creating new challenges and opportunities.

Today, OEMs dominate the auto industry and design, build and sell mechanical vehicles leveraging their low cost but capital intensive mass production capabilities and extensive distribution networks. 

However,  the simplified electric powertrain, new manufacturing technologies, self driving technology and connectivity allow new players with customer-centric business models to enter a new connected and almost on-demand mobility-transportation-logistics market.

Some of the most significant issues we are facing are helping to create a cleaner and safer world making mobility and living more easy for all.
Our Services

Enterprise Solutions

3E Transformation Model for Automotive Technologies (Click on the link to know more)

Technology Development & Global Engineering Structure

Enterprise Maturity Assessment

Automotive Technology Landscaping

Engineering Process Capability

Digital Transformation for Automotive Immersive Training 


Production Robustness

Automotive Processes

Automotive Robustness and Quality (ASPICE for ML-Ops, FuSa, SOTIF,                       )

KPI-Centric Development Processes, Data Analytics

Robustness and Quality in ML-Ops


Systems Consulting


Power Electronics

Automated Driving AD/ADAS

Embedded Systems

Functional Safety, SOTIF

AR, HMI and UX

Our Team

We are a global team of highly-motivated individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, usually working together in the Singapore-based office and sometimes operating together from various locations around the world. The team has extensive experience in all domains required to implement new urban automated mobility and many years of executive automotive experience implementing automated driving technologies, pilots and automotive electrification in the US, Europe and Asia.

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Engagement and Domains  

Autobotik is a global team of highly motivated consultants who support automated driving, electrification and new mobility technologies, from development, to integration and deployment. 

We offers a range of specialist services to startups, the automotive industry (OEMs/T1s), cities, institutions, and organizations or those wishing to implement and/or prepare for new mobility solutions.

Autobotik advises in the domains of Automated Driving, Vehicle Electrification and the future Smart City Digital Eco-System, on technology, products, required systems, technology, automotive business, eco-system requirements, business models and go-to-market strategies.  

Automated Driving Systems

System architectures

Vision, Lidar, Radar, Fusion and requirements 

Design, Deep learning and rule based software 

Power Electronics, Design, Component Selection and Sourcing

Automated Driving Technology from perception to fusion, compute platforms and sensor redundancies, vehicle network and communication, vehicle to cloud, v2x, Functional Safety, SOTIF and Cyber Security

City Planning for Automated Driving and Electrification – Physical and Digital Infrastructure Planning, Hybrid Connections, Smart City Modeling

Vehicle Electrification (battery, battery controls, vehicle and infrastructure architecture, inverter, converter design and vehicle application)

Smart City Eco-System

Digital design, Augmented Reality (AR), HMI and UX

Safety, Functional Safety Decomposition and Cyber Security

Quality Management and ML-Ops processes

Funding, collaborations and partnerships

Negotiations, Price, NRE and Terms and Conditions

Global US, Europe, Asia

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