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  • Dr. Raviprakash Salagame

Concept to Production - Dialogue with startups - India 2022

India is booming with Startup activity with a vibrant and innovative workforce which is slowly changing enterprenurial landscape in India. The country is home to over 100 unicorns and ranks 6th in the world in startup investments in automotive industry. In June 2022, an event called "Startup dialogues"was conducted by Deshpande Foundation with the intent of creating a platform to network with mentors, investors and customers. As part of the event, a masterclass "dialogue" on the "challenges of transforming a concept into a robust product" was conducted by Dr. Raviprakash Salagame, Consulting Partner at Autobotik. The event titled "Working Design to Designs that Work" was attended by over 150 startup company founders engaged in building products for local and global markets in various domains.

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