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SF-NYC Coast to Coast, April 15

March 22, 2015 a small team of engineers from Delphi Automotive started what would become the the longest distance by any self-driving car, as their car “Roadrunner” completed a 3400 mile coast-to-coast cross-country journey for the first time in history.

22 March 2015, the day we left SF, from left to right: Tory Smith ,Matt Lewis, John Absmeier, Tony Nguyes, Nate Pendleton, Jon Wieskamp, Walt Koziak, Serge Lambermont, Junsung Kim.

The vehicle was build in Mountain View with integrated software from Ottamatika CMU, and the latest advanced sensors in our Delphi office leghorn street. The drive was really planned to collect more data, however, became known in the media.

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