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Automated Driving Technology Support - In-depth technology support in the domains of Automated Driving:  Perception, Fusion, Low-Level Fusion, Localization  Computer Systems, Vehicle Network Design, Vehicle Control and Redundancies, Vehicle to Vehicle/Infrastructure Communication (v2x, 5G), Cloud Communication, Functional Safety and Cyber Security.  This can be project based, or agile continuous support to an existing startup team.

Functional Technology Support – Assistance and Q&A support on Automated Driving Technology, specifically designed to support non-automotive clients for fast and direct guidance in deep technology domains and the functional impact in the client’s corresponding fields.

Urban and Highway Scenario Doctor – The initial implementations of urban automated driving will be at a geo-fenced controlled area.  Scenario Doctor provides the first level of analysis of the route and trajectory with vehicle AD technology compliance check.  Scenario Variant Doctor - Scenario Doctor for variants.

Control Centre Design (AR focus) – Design, integration and project implementation of AD monitoring services into existing city control centres:  Communication Requirements, User Experience and HMI design.


Automated Driving Engineering Structure – Management assistance on how to prepare and set up for AD technology: development of competencies, team structure, and processes.  AD technology requires deep technology focus in selected robotics domains, but also highly complex integration into the vehicle, into the cloud (connecting to smart city eco-system), and into the digital/physical infrastructure.  For smaller organisations, it is imperative to select the areas of focus, while larger organisations require the design and implementation of new competencies and processes.  AD technology development originated in a fast “robotics” development environment, and the focus is on how to integrate into the required high-quality automotive domain.


Technology Guidance – Impact analysis Automated Driving to adjacent domains, city planning,  traffic control centres, parking,  pick-up drop-off planning,  billing,  and hybrid transaction train-AD vehicle bus, etc.


Technology Startup – Technology bridging and acceleration, funding, investor relationships, global technology funding planning, and Silicon Valley  / Europe / Asia start-up development.



Our Team

We are a global team of highly-motivated individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, usually working together in the Singapore-based office and sometimes operating together from various locations around the world. The team has extensive experience in all domains required to implement new urban automated mobility and many years of executive automotive experience implementing automated driving technologies, pilots and automotive electrification in the US, Europe and Asia.

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