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Automotive Robotics

Systems Consulting.  Advisory Services.

Sustainable Mobility

The convergence of four mega-trends electrification, shared economy, connectivity and autonomous driving is changing the way we think about mobility, transportation, logistics and smart city robotics.  Although each trends is profoundly disruptive on its own, the combination of all four is creating new challenges and opportunities.


Today, OEMs dominate the auto industry and design, build and sell mechanical vehicles leveraging their low cost but capital intensive mass production capabilities and extensive distribution networks. 


However,  the simplified electric powertrain, new manufacturing technologies, self driving technology and connectivity allow new players with customer-centric business models to enter a new connected and almost on-demand mobility-transportation-logistics market. Some of the most significant issues we are facing are helping to create a cleaner and safer world making mobility and living more easy for all.

Autobotik offers a range of specialist services to startups, the automotive industry (OEMs/T1s), cities, institutions, and organizations or those wishing to implement and/or prepare for new mobility solutions.  We advise and help implement in the domains of Autonomous Mobility Solutions, Automated Driving, Vehicle Electrification and the future Smart City Digital Eco-System, on technology, products, required systems, technology, automotive business, eco-system requirements, business models, executive training and go-to-market strategies.  


Enterprise Solutions

Advise and support on how to implement and manage engineering and organization structures to prepare for new automotive development and  technologies, from development and innovation to engagement with technology developers, startups, T1s and OEMs.  

Automotive industry is transforming significantly. For example, ADS technology requires deep technology focus in selected robotics domains, but also highly complex integration into the vehicle, into the cloud (connecting to smart city eco-system), and into the digital/physical infrastructure.  For smaller organisations, it is imperative to select the areas of focus, while larger organisations require the design and implementation of new competencies and processes.  AD technology development originated in a fast “robotics” development environment, and the focus is on how to integrate into the required high-quality automotive domain. Here are a few specific enterprise level solutions that we offer :

  • Technology Roadmap Development and Global Engineering Consulting

  • Enterprise Maturity Assessment in Process, Technology, Capability and Products

  • Automotive Technology Landscaping and Transformation

  • Automotive Process Development and implementation support


Automated Driving

Technology support in Highway Pilot and Urban Driving Solutions, from systems architecture for safety to field learning ML-Ops process implementation in the following areas :

  • Perception, Fusion, Vision, Lidar, 3D radar, Localization  Computer Systems, Vehicle Network Design, Vehicle Control and Redundancies, Vehicle to Vehicle/Infrastructure Communication (v2x, 5G), Cloud Communication, Functional Safety FuSa, SOTIF and Cyber Security.  Rule Based Software modules, Deep Learning Integration.

Digital Design - Design, story telling and conceptualization of new Augmented Reality features, design of the human-machine interface and User Experience for the increased complexities involved in highway pilot driver assistance and urban robotics.  

  • Advise in implementation, safety and ergonomics of control centers and digital twin remote controls.

ML-Ops and Field Learning

  • Design and implementation of new methods and processes to implement the latest probabilistic algorithms required for the implementation of ADAS and automated driving systems (ADS).

  • Design and considerations for Algorithms, Processes, Compliance and Data Governance.


Autobotik collaboration with provides 300 million miles of coverage and edge cases to test and verify highway pilot and urban driving algorithms.

2015 SF to NYC Coast to Coast Automated Drive

Electric Car Charging Station

Electrification Technology

We offer support in Power Electronics (PE) design and vehicle systems integration for EV, HEV and new smart city mobility applications.  Our footprint in Asia and Europe provides the necessary support and capabilities for technical, vehicle architecture, and global sourcing support from selection to management and quality assurance of components, sub-systems and electrification systems. A few things we have done in this area:

  • Strategy and Technology development support for EV development

  • Technology guidance during new EV/HEV product development

Our Team

We are a global team of highly-motivated individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, usually working together in the Singapore-based office and sometimes operating together from various locations around the world. The team has extensive experience in all domains required to implement new urban automated mobility and many years of executive automotive experience implementing automated driving technologies, pilots and automotive electrification in the US, Europe and Asia.

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Automotive Technology Transformation

Automotive technology adoption is pervasive across the industry, yet organizations can benefit from experienced guidance and advice on how to navigate this transformation. We have developed a unique 3E model (Explore-Engage-Execute) to assist organizations, small and large in specific as well as general technology areas. A few examples of where we can help:

  • Transformation roadmap development including phased execution plan development

  • Technology Guidance – Impact analysis Automated Driving to adjacent domains, city planning,  traffic control centers, parking,  pick-up drop-off planning,  billing,  and hybrid transaction train-AD vehicle bus, etc.

  • ​Technology Startup – Technology bridging and acceleration, funding, investor relationships, global technology funding planning, and Silicon Valley  / Europe / Asia start-up development.

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