Automated Driving Systems



Power Electronics, Electric Vehicle



Systems Design and Architecture



Deep Learning and Rule Based Algorithms



Digital Design, HMI, UX



Functional Safety, SOTIF



Quality Sytems, ML-Ops Field Learning



Automotive Purchasing, Contracts, T&C



AD Deployment (providers, cities)



Autobotik is a global team of highly motivated consultants who support automated driving, electrification and new mobility technologies, from development, to integration and deployment. 

We offers a range of specialist services to startups, the automotive industry (OEMs/T1s), cities, institutions, and organizations or those wishing to implement and/or prepare for new mobility solutions.

Autobotik advises in the domains of Automated Driving, Vehicle Electrification and the future Smart City Digital Eco-System, on technology, products, required systems, technology, automotive business, eco-system requirements, business models and go-to-market strategies.  

  • Automated Driving Systems

  • System architectures

  • Vision, Lidar, Radar, Fusion and requirements 

  • Design, Deep learning and rule based software 

  • Power Electronics, Design, Component Selection and Sourcing

  • Automated Driving Technology from perception to fusion, compute platforms and sensor redundancies, vehicle network and communication, vehicle to cloud, v2x, Functional Safety, SOTIF and Cyber Security

  • City Planning for Automated Driving and Electrification – Physical and Digital Infrastructure Planning, Hybrid Connections, Smart City Modeling

  • Vehicle Electrification (battery, battery controls, vehicle and infrastructure architecture, inverter, converter design and vehicle application)

  • Smart City Eco-System

  • Digital design, Augmented Reality (AR), HMI and UX

  • Safety, Functional Safety Decomposition and Cyber Security

  • Quality Management and ML-Ops processes



Our Team

We are a global team of highly-motivated individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, usually working together in the Singapore-based office and sometimes operating together from various locations around the world. The team has extensive experience in all domains required to implement new urban automated mobility and many years of executive automotive experience implementing automated driving technologies, pilots and automotive electrification in the US, Europe and Asia.

Serge Lambermont, Founder


Serge Lambermont is a technical expert in Automated Driving Robotics, and Vehicle Electrification.  He started his career in Europe, and moved in 1997 to Asia/Pacific where he served a variety of global engineering management roles including Delphi Asia/Pacific Engineering Director EV Power Electronics in Singapore, and Delphi Japan Engineering Director Electronics & Safety in Tokyo.  ​


From 2013 until 2018 Serge has been Aptiv’s Technical Director Automated Driving based in Silicon Valley and Pittsburgh responsible for Delphi’s Global automated urban driving technologies and activities.  During this time Serge was responsible for urban automated driving technology development and initiated the acquisition and integration of Ottomatika, a CMU startup in AD robotics.

In 2015 he lead the 3500 miles San Francisco to New York City Coast to Coast Automated drive, and Aptiv’s 2015 CES urban driving demos.  Most recently he has been leading the urban self-driving vehicle development platforms for the Singapore Automated Mobility on Demand (AMoD) Pilot and urban driving activities in Europe.​

In 2018 Serge founded Autobotik a consultancy and advisory firm on automated driving, new mobility solutions and vehicle electrification.  Autobotik is advising on automated driving strategy.​

He has spent his time working with global teams finding and defining opportunities to develop new features and innovation for future mobility and the future mobility eco-systems.  

Serge is a creative problem solver in complex technology and business concepts domains,  with vast experience working, motivating and connecting global teams - bridging Silicon Valley start-up culture with the highest-end OEM quality and high-volume requirements.  

Serge has a degree in Applied Physics from Hogeschool Eindhoven the Netherlands and completed the Michigan Ross School of Business Senior Executive Program in Hong Kong.

Thomas Walsh, Associate


Power Electronics, Active Safety, ADS,

Purchasing, Business, Global Supplier Selection and Management , New Electric Drivetrain Technologies

Dan Putar, Associate


Electric Powertrain Design, Integration, New Vehicle Technology, Safety Implementation, 2-wheelers 

Thomas Walsh is a Technology Expert with over 15 years of international experience in the advanced electric propulsion, connectivity and safety systems.  Thomas worked both in the high-end passenger vehicle segment (including Volvo BMW, Mercedes and Toyota in Japan), as well as the commercial vehicle segment.

Thomas has been responsible for the development of a battery pack and BMS system for a large global NEVS electric vehicle supplier in China.  In this assignment, he became the key technical contact for battery suppliers worldwide. In 2018 Thomas became the technology and business advisor for a new integrated electric drive at Stoba E Systems.  This technology is vital in creating non distributed solutions for all on and off-road vehicles in future.

Thomas has also been responsible for a large tier-1 account covering all active safety and power electronics component development for a large China OEM, in electrification and active safety including automated driving.

These assignments have given Thomas a deep insight in key electric drive components in the global market, as well as e-propulsion design for new automated mobility solutions.  He has developed key methodologies to ensure seamless execution of large projects (commercially and technically).

Marc Meijs, Associate


Automated Driving Systems Design, Highway Pilot, Functional Safety, SOTIF

Dan Putar is an automotive powertrain systems engineering expert with more than twenty years of experience in the automotive component, systems and vehicle systems industry.  His experience includes electronic controls, advanced electric and ICE powertrain systems, systems integration, functional safety, validation; electronic control unit (ECU) development, integration, and application, quality management; manufacturing engineering, design for manufacturing including assembly line layout support and processes.


During his career, Dan has focused on product development, advanced engineering and lead resident engineering support at high-end European OEMs.  His experience comprehends the engineering and engineering processes covering the full vehicle development cycle from advanced engineering, to product engineering, start of production and manufacturing engineering support systems and aftermarket support.  


Dan has supported several startups in the automotive sector. Including developers of 4-wheeler and 2-wheeler electric powertrain and has focused on productionizing these technologies for two-wheel and four-wheel vehicles.  

He earned a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering / Internal Combustion Engines from the University of Zagreb, Croatia.

Ravi Salagame, Associate


Data Science, Statistical Methods, Embedded Software, Simulation, Software Quality Systems, Safety, Power Electronics

Marc Meijs is a technology expert in Automated Driving L2 and L3 Systems.  He is a natural technical leader with in-depth experience working in global cross-functional automated driving projects, from product and technical management to the management of systems integration and performance goals.  He has worked with OEMs, T1 and suppliers managing Highway Pilot systems, the related organizations and processes, where he gained experience negotiating and presenting trade-offs in some of the Highway Pilot overall architecture, software and sensor topologies.


Marc has worked for Aptiv as Chief Engineer, Global Start Center Leader and Systems Engineer on Highway Pilot systems with European and Global OEMs, where he was responsible for defining and presenting systems architectures for Highway Pilot automated driving platforms.  Based in Germany he worked with global customers defining software, algorithms, sensors, computer platform interfaces while guaranteeing safety FuSa and SOTIF, security, functionality and profitability.


He enjoys hiking and working in different cultures and is currently based in the Netherlands.

Ravi Salagame brings over 15 years of engineering industry experience in various technology and global leadership roles in automotive, and electro-mechanical product domains. During his career. he has worked on innovation to product development. He has led a strong global footprint of product engineering competencies such as simulation, digital validation, quality and process improvement in hardware and software competencies.  

Ravi worked in various roles design, data science and software deep technical and organizational roles, he established product engineering across multiple competencies in hardware, software and quality. Most recently, he set up and globally institutionalized Automotive SPICE compliant hardware quality process and systems. During his tenure, he was India leader for Hybrid and Electric Vehicle portfolio setting up advanced programs with Automotive OEMs. Prior to APTIV, Ravi  worked with GE Corporate Research Center at Bangalore, India and IBM Almaden Research Center at San Jose, California for about a decade contributing to various research programs in Mechanical engineering.


Ravi’s core skills and technical expertise is in Design Optimization, Simulation, Quality Systems including ASPICE and Functional Safety, Data Science and Statistical Methods. He is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt. His professional contributions include over 15 international publications, several industry keynotes and an edited book on Multi-disciplinary Optimization.


Ravi obtained his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University, USA and a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Science Bangalore. 

Jean Marc Gauthier, Associate


Digital Design, Augmented Reality,  HMI, UX, Interactive animation, 3D modeling, robotics

Jean-Marc Gauthier is founder and principal at Tinkering.net and Tinkertoo; an interactive design studio focused on designing prototypes for mobility products and virtual reality environments.  Through Tinkertoo, he has developed prototypes of mobility on demand in Singapore for a tier-1 automotive company. 


After a 12-year stint running an award-winning architectural firm in Paris,  Jean-Marc spent 18 years heading up a digital design company in New York City.


Jean-Marc is an Associate Professor at the University of Idaho for the Virtual Technology and Design programme where he is designing mixed reality environments for scientists and high school students to interact with proteins.  The research is funded by the National Science Foundation (USA). 

His interactive designs have been presented at venues internationally. He has written books on creating interactive animations and real-time 3D games.


Jean Marc's skills include digital design, animation, virtual reality, augmented and mixed reality, 3D modelling, visual effects, product design, industrial design, storytelling, simulation, technology integration, robotics, user experience, user interface design, human-machine interface, design thinking, architecture, and filmmaking. 

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