Automated Driving Systems



Power Electronics for Electric Mobility



Systems Design and Architecture



Deep Learning and Rule Based Algorithms



Digital Design, HMI, UX



Functional Safety, SOTIF



Quality Sytems, ML-Ops Field Learning



Automotive Purchasing, Contracts, T&C



AD Deployment (providers, cities)



Autobotik is a global team of highly motivated consultants who support automated driving, electrification and new mobility technologies, from development, to integration and deployment. 

We offers a range of specialist services to startups, the automotive industry (OEMs/T1s), cities, institutions, and organizations or those wishing to implement and/or prepare for new mobility solutions.

Autobotik advises in the domains of Automated Driving, Vehicle Electrification and the future Smart City Digital Eco-System, on technology, products, required systems, technology, automotive business, eco-system requirements, business models and go-to-market strategies.  

  • Automated Driving Systems

  • System architectures

  • Vision, Lidar, Radar, Fusion and requirements 

  • Design, Deep learning and rule based software 

  • Power Electronics, Design, Component Selection and Sourcing

  • Automated Driving Technology from perception to fusion, compute platforms and sensor redundancies, vehicle network and communication, vehicle to cloud, v2x, Functional Safety, SOTIF and Cyber Security

  • City Planning for Automated Driving and Electrification – Physical and Digital Infrastructure Planning, Hybrid Connections, Smart City Modeling

  • Vehicle Electrification (battery, battery controls, vehicle and infrastructure architecture, inverter, converter design and vehicle application)

  • Smart City Eco-System

  • Digital design, Augmented Reality (AR), HMI and UX

  • Safety, Functional Safety Decomposition and Cyber Security

  • Quality Management and ML-Ops processes

  • Funding, collaborations and partnerships

  • Negotiations, Price, NRE and Terms and Conditions

  • Global US, Europe, Asia


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